The Secret to Having a Trained Dog is Simple When You Use the Right Methods

You are much closer to having a well trained dog than you think. The biggest problem for most dog owners is confusion. They don’t know who to listen to or what to believe. I’ll reveal all the methods and techniques you’ll ever need in my Ultimate Online Dog Training Course.

More importantly, you’ll discover WHY these techniques work. Picture your dog finally trained and listening to all of your commands by training just a few minutes a day.

Dear friend,

Certain training techniques produce amazing results.

Your dog can be trained in just a few minutes a day. Your dog can quickly learn to come back when you call, walk on leash without pulling, and never jump on you or anyone else.

Why then do so many people have a difficult time training their dogs?

The answer is simple: Not all training is the same. In fact, there are many different ways to train a dog and much of the information on dog training is old, outdated and in many cases, downright harmful to dogs.

Some methods of training can make a dog aggressive, fearful or withdrawn.

That’s why I decided to put together my Ultimate Online Dog Training Course. I show you the exact steps you need to know that I have learned over 20+ years training dogs.

You see, I got my first dog when I moved out on my own. I was completely confused and had NO idea what I was doing and quickly became frustrated, angry and often depressed.

I was terrible at housetraining and would come home every day to a mess on my carpet and something chewed.

The relationship went from bad to worse with my little sheltie. I started reading every book I could get my hands on and kept getting more and more confused. Each book seemed to tell me something different.

I ended up hiring a “professional” dog trainer and decided I was going to get my dog trained and figured he would have all the right answers.

I was shocked by the collar he put on my dog and when he started to yank my dog around. I felt terrible watching as my dog was yanked around the yard. I asked if there was another way to train and was laughed at.

The trainer firmly stated: “Dogs respond to a strong pack leader and you need to do this in order for your dog to learn.”

One more session with this guy and I fired him. It was at that point that my life literally changed. I decided to learn everything I could about dog training and behavior. What started as a quest to find out more about dog training to help my dog turned into a full time profession.

I enrolled in classes, attended seminars, traveled the country and met and worked with some of the best dog trainers on the planet.

I discovered that different training methods produced different results. Then I began experimenting and started to develop a training system; a simple, easy dog training system that anyone could follow to get great results with their dog.

Then I started helping other people train their dogs and eventually opened a dog training school helping thousands of dog owners to train their dogs. In 2007, I decided my goal was to help even more people understand dog behavior and training.

I sat down and developed the Ultimate Online Dog Training Course, sharing all the secrets I had learned at a price anyone can afford.

Here is a summary of the benefits you receive:

  • How to train your dog without choke, pinch or shock collars
  • Train your dog without using force and painful methods
  • How to teach your dog that you are the pack leader in 4 simple steps
  • Never worry about your dog not responding to your commands
  • A collar that will solve your dog’s pulling problems forever
  • Never again get dragged down the street again
  • Two forms of exercise that can eliminate up to 63% of problem behavior
  • Never again worry about coming home to find your valuables destroyed
  • How to teach your dog “Stay” in ten minutes or less
  • The most important secret to teaching your dog the command “Come”
  • Teach your dog to come using the Spring Loaded Recall Exercise
  • How to get your dog to “Sit, Down, Stand,” on command with little effort
  • The little known secret to solving all obedience problems
  • Go any place without getting embarrassed by your dog’s behavior
  • The difference between bribes and rewards and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to apply the scientific secret of the Premack Principle

“Eric Letendre isn’t just another dog trainer who parrots out ‘methods’ from someone else’s book, he understands the principles behind dog behavior and can show you how to apply them in a way that will have your dog literally begging for more!”
Tasmania, Australia

“I thought my dog Kimmy was a candidate for canine ADHD before I met Eric. Now, she is well-behaved, obedient, and comes on command. She is also an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen. It is all due to the training she received from Eric.”

Sara Arruda, Veterinary Technician
Anchor Animal Hospital

“When my clients ask me for training advice I always point them to one place: Eric Letendre. There is no website that offers more dog training help. The information that Eric shares in this amazing course is worth ten times the cost. See for yourself the dedication and knowledge Eric offers. My highest recommendation.”

Wes Murph
Hermosa Beach, CA

“We have become better owners because of what we have learned from Eric. We have gotten knowledge and help that we wouldn’t have gotten anyplace else.”

Sheila & Peter Hagensen
Portsmouth, RI

“THANK YOU for being online. I am having SO MUCH success with our dog Licorice- who is also my assistance dog in training. I was seriously thinking that she may not be the match and YOUR PROGRAM changed everything! Thanks again.”

Simply Sharon
The Mold Lady

“Clients that we have recommended to Eric Letendre have come back with nothing but great results.”

Dr. Jim Lunig, DVM
Spinnaker Veterinary Clinic

Obviously, the training techniques and methods have dramatically helped many dog owners – and they can help you too.

It’s the knowing the right methods that will finally stop the confusion and help you train your dog to become the envy of friends and family. Imagine just a few weeks from today and your dog could be walking at your side, coming back when you call and more.

One last thing, I almost forgot to mention. Maybe no one else has ever told you this but dog training should be fun! Fun for you and your dog. The methods you’ll learn are easy and fun to do with your dog.

When I developed my Ultimate Online Dog Training Course, I wanted to make sure the trainer and dog were having fun. We have much more success when we are doing something we enjoy.

So, if you’re ready to finally have a well trained dog AND have some fun while doing, sign up for the Ultimate Online Dog Training Course today (only $19.99):

All the best,

Eric R. Letendre